10 ways to decorate your living room by Art Dr.

By on Jan 20, 2016 in Home Decor |

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     Art Dr. is an expert in this field and he will help you decide and choose which are the most suitable ways to decorate your living room.


1. When decorating is in order, it’s just an individual thing. There isn’t one style that can satisfy all people. In the era of internet, it isn’t hard to get an inspiration, you can choose whatever you like the most, review your budget, write everything down and from there you can start, because if you have a plan then you will succeed in your thought.

2. Start from the color of your walls, if you want bright room, but not too vivid with colors of the peach and yellow, you can play safely and use ivory white, this color is prefect for combination of all sort of thing in your living room. You will definitely have bigger choice when selecting your furniture!

3. Sofa should take central place, its color can follow the color of the walls, but it can be in total opposite. There is one rule you should take into consideration, never put sofa beside wall, because it will visually reduce the space of the room. You can put it towards the door and behind you can place some shelf with book.


4. Every living room should have small table, if your furniture and the walls are in darker shades, then table should be in lighter shade. Prefect choice of material would be wood, but you can combine it with glass.

5. Size of the carpet depends on the floor you have. If you have wooden floor in darker shade, then your carpet should be small and placed besides sofa. Color of the carpet should be similar to the second dominant color of your living room. If you want the feeling of comfort you can put pillows on it.

6. If you plan to have curtains on your windows, there are rules you must follow, they should be 5cm from the ceiling and 3cm above the floor. In this way your space will look more longer.

7. Lightning plays very important role in your living room. Instead of one lightning you can use more of them, use lamps in different shapes and sizes, they will give more intimate look to your living room and the atmosphere overall will be relaxed and comfortable.

8. You should find good balance of furniture. If you see that in one corner of the room is crowded with furniture, put some reading chair to the opposite side of the room.

9. Combine different styles, you don’t have to pay close attention to type of the wood or colors of your living space – you can freely combine different textures, patterns, materials and colors. After all, you will be living there, so you should choose things that will make more comfortable.

10. So your living room be more comfortable, use small details and accessories, like books, photos, figures and vases, flowers can particularly bring vividness and freshness into your space.